Disability Access

At Wyresdale Road, a ramp is provided (at No 46, Wyresdale Rd) for wheelchair access.

At Halliwell Road, we have explored the option of a long ramp, but we are unable to meet certain specifications of gradients, etc. We have provided ‘grab handles’ to help the elderly, and the large steps at the front have been replaced with smaller steps, which the elderly find much easier.

Disabled toilets are provided at both sites.

At both surgeries, the nurses operate upstairs, and will happily see patients who are unable to negotiate the stairs in a consulting room downstairs. (Please inform the receptionists when you arrive.) Once inside the premises of both surgeries, you should not face any other physical obstructions, as everything is ‘on the level’.

For patients who are significantly disabled and unable to attend the surgery, we have always been happy to provide for their health needs at home.

Please feel free to scan the QR code below and complete our Surgeries Access Survey#